Uncharted Four is Coming to Ps4

Uncharted Four is Coming to Ps4

What most of us had been waiting for Naughty Dog has revealed that Uncharted four will make it to the PS4.

Last week Naughty Dog revealed a teaser trailer for Uncharted 4, you can see the teaser trailer here, and the internet almost exploded with excitement. Many people where expecting a new IP from Naughty Dog (including me), but Uncharted 4 it is. Naughty Dog does have 2 separate studios and there is a rumored third, so possibly they might also be working on a new IP on the side.

For Uncharted 4 what I get from the triler is that it might be a type of pirate game much like Assassins Creed 4. That’s what i get from the trailer at the end he says: “I’ll be there, sifting through the wreckage”, and you see the skull and bones that pirate flags have and on the map there is a wrecked sinking pirate ship. Uncharted 4 is rumored to launch fall next year and Naughty Dog has made it known that motion capture had already begun, soon we might get an actual trailer of the game!

This is what I get from the teaser, there isn’t very much to see except for the map and a speech. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts on what Uncharted 4 will become, I am very exited for this game not only story-wise but technically it should show us another level of what the PS4 can do.

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